Determining your leggings size:

We have designed our Kevlar leggings to fit like regular off the rack leggings to avoid confusion. If you own a pair of leggings, please take a look at the size tag most of the time located inside the waist.

 If you don’t know your leggings size:

Due to the fact that this textile has a lot of stretch, you need to order a size 2-4 inches smaller than your actual waist measurement.

Example: if you have measured your waist at 33 inches, the Medium size is the right size for you with a waist measurement of 30 inches.

Leather apparel size chart






Determining your leather apparel size:


If you know your U.S. or Euro size:

If you know your U.S. or Euro size, you can refer to the U.S or Euro size row on the chart above for jackets or under U.S. pants size for pants (Same applies for men and women). Pick a size bigger than your actual size if you want a more relaxed fit or if you plan on wearing a thick layer underneath (specifically for people living in colder climates).


If you are not sure of your size:



1. Ask somebody to measure around the fullest part of your chest with your arms on your sides.
2. Add 4 inches to the measured size. Refer to the chest measurement on the size chart above and pick the correct size.
(Same procedure applies for men and women)

Example: If the measurement acquired around your chest is 40 inches, by adding 4 inches to it, we have attained 44 inches. The jacket with 44 inches chest under men’s apparel size chart will be Medium (M).



Measure around your natural waist line right above your navel. Refer to the waist row in the size chart above and pick the one corresponding to your waist measurement. For a more relaxed fit, pick a size bigger.


If you are still not sure about your size, please contact us and we will help you pick the right size.