Below is the list of custom made products we offer: 

  • Professional leather race suits.
  • Leather jackets. 
  • Leather pants. 
  • Leather two piece suits. 
  • Leather racing gloves. 
  • Textile jackets and suits.


 Customization options: 

  • Custom adjusted gear. 
  • Bespoke racing suits taking in consideration over 30 measurements of your body and adjusting the racing position of the suit to fit your body style and size.
  • Custom colors and designs to match your needs. 
  • Added logos, racing number and names. 


What is the price and how to order a custom made: 

We provide a free of charge for simple adjustments and/or added details. For more complex designs, prices can vary.

Email us about your needs and we will get back to you shortly regarding your inquiry.